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List of contents 

  • CHAPTER II. Letter From Rouen - To General Alison
  • CHAPTER III. General Alison To His Mother
  • CHAPTER IV. Cathy To Her Aunt Mercedes
  • CHAPTER V. General Alison To Mercedes
  • CHAPTER VI. Soldier Boy And The Mexican Plug
  • CHAPTER VII. Soldier Boy And Shekels
  • CHAPTER VIII. The Scout-Start. Bb And Lieutenant-General Alison
  • CHAPTER IX. Soldier Boy And Shekels Again
  • CHAPTER X. General Alison And Dorcas
  • CHAPTER XI. Several Months Later. Antonio And Thorndike
  • CHAPTER XII. Mongrel And The Other Horse
  • PART II. IN SPAIN -- CHAPTER XIII. General Alison To His Mother
  • CHAPTER XIV. Soldier Boy - To Himself
  • CHAPTER XV. General Alison To Mrs. Drake, The Colonel'S Wife
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